Baby Yoda's Picture Day
Liliana Vess - Magic the Gathering
Spacefarer - Traffic Box Comic
American Bombshell 7" Album Artwork
Notorious MODOK
Guide to the Apocalypse
Starfleet Academy Variant Cover
The Rise of the Anti-Heroine
Begin Anew
Record Store Day 2018
Titus Andronicus Gig Poster
Boise Pridefest 2019 - Cover Illustration
Ealdor Bealu - Spirit of the Lonely Places
The Hollywood Reporter - Avi Lerner Speaks Out
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Mirror Broken Cover
John Lewis - The Future of Shopping Spot Illustrations
Mothraphobia - Inferior Instinct
Bobby Bones Presents: The Class of 2018
A Final Embrace
Love + War
Yvette Gig Poster - February 2017
The Legacy of Le Tour de France
"Punisher: War Zone" Screen Print Poster
Queen of the Solstice
The King is Dead & His Heirs Quarrel Amongst the Bones
X-Men Portrait Project
Yvette Gig Poster
NOT A HERO - Key Art and Comic Book
Vile Regression Merch Design
Family Portrait 2015
To Carry the Flame
Cyphus Batson is a Real (Animated) Bastard
Misery Signals Anniversary Tee
Plate of Politics
Misery Signals - Hands
Conan the Barbarian
Evening Sketches
How Not to Piss Off Your Server
How Not to Piss Off Your Bartender
Baths Gig Poster
Sail Away
You're All Heart
Wolvserpent - Queen of Crows
Zombie Justice - Playboy Magazine
Ram Horned Woman
Breaker, Breaker: Dumpster Dive
Misery Signals - Absent Light
Misery Signals - Discography Box Set
Bike Week Poster
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