The good dudes over at Roll7 commissioned me to create some key art for their then-upcoming game, Not A Hero. The game stars a hulking purple bunny man from the future named Bunnylord, sent back in time to get elected mayor and avert nuclear annihilation. His method of choice? Ultraviolence.
I went for a tongue-in-cheek grindhouse approach to the look and feel of the artwork, with loud colors to also match the look of the game, which has a pixel art aesthetic.
After completing the poster, we came up with an idea of a prequel comic book about Bunnylord's previous failed journies into the present. It's a lot sillier and looser than I usually work in the comic medium, but it was a lot of fun to try something new. I wrote the script based off of a rough outline from the Roll7 team, and fully illustrated, lettered and colored the book. The full comic was released as a print promo kit, as well as digitally with the deluxe version of the game. Not A Hero is currently available on Steam, GOG, and Humble.


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